We’ve Been Busy!

Ever have that feeling you have more work to complete than hours in a day? We’ve been running full-tilt here at Tuscarora and here are just a few of the projects we have ready to head out the door.

This complete package of Red Oak flooring and stair nosing is stacked up and ready to head out to Breckenridge, Colorado. This was a big project and the photos only show a small fraction of the finished flooring ready to be installed. The video below shows some of this Red Oak lumber being split from a 2”x6” to a 1”x6” before being kiln dried for the flooring package.


These custom 19’ long White Oak box beams have a special wire brushed texture and are all packaged up and ready to ship to San Francisco, California!

Finally, the wrapped pallets include a Chestnut flooring and trim package that will be delivered near Missoula, Montana.