Reclaimed Hardwood Beams

Tuscarora provides a wide range of reclaimed hardwood beam options – from large, hand-hewn and circle-sawn timbers for ceiling and timber frame applications to fireplace mantels and box beam accent pieces. Nothing adds charm and an old world feel like adding these beautiful timbers that were sawn or hewn to size in the late 1800s to early 1900s.

Reclaimed Hardwood Beams | Tuscarora Wood
Reclaimed Hardwood Hollow Box Beams | Tuscarora Wood

Solid Structural Beams

The beams and timber found in turn of the century structures were either cut down with axes and hand hewn by skilled craftsmen or sawn out using large circle saw mills. As these structures come down, we strive to repurpose these amazing timbers into both structural and cosmetic options for truss packages, ceiling décor and unique accent pieces. We offer a wide range of surface preparation from the rustic hand-hewn, hand sculpted faces to milled smooth beams for a more contemporary feel. We can provide sizes from small 4”x4” beams up to 12”x12” beams in a variety of lengths, even 20+ feet long.

Reclaimed Hardwood Solid Structural Beams | Tuscarora Wood

Hollow Box Beams

Box beams are a unique option if you desire the look of large timber, but are concerned about the massive weight or want to run electrical wiring inside the beam. We can also create custom pieces that wrap existing support beams to give your beams a fresh new look. Our skilled craftsmen fabricate 3/4” boarding into beams by milling the edges and handcrafting them to appear as solid timber. Since these beams are being fabricated, the size and length are completely custom built to fit your project needs.

Reclaimed Hardwood Hollow Box Beams | Tuscarora Wood

Mantel Beams & Interior Accents

Our reclaimed wood beams can be used in a variety of non-traditional applications from fireplace mantels to staircase posts. There is no warmer charm than a large fireplace with a reclaimed wood beam mantle over the top. Whether it is a rustic hand-hewn or a more contemporary milled beam, we provide a wide range of beams and corbles to fit your home.

Reclaimed Hardwood Accent Beams | Tuscarora Wood

Experts in Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring, Beams, and Custom Products

Whatever your interest in reclaimed hardwood products, we can work with you from concept to completion. Tuscarora works with you on the selection of the perfect reclaimed hardwood to meet your needs and fit your style. Once the reclaimed hardwood has been designed and milled to meet your specifications, we offer full installation by our team of expert installers who are extremely knowledgable in finishing reclaimed wood with hardwax oils. Many of our products ship nationwide but, being located near Dayton, Ohio, we also offer complete installation and finishing in the Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky tri-state area.