Tuscarora was recently featured in Miami County’s Home Grown Stories!

Tuscarora was recently asked to share some insight into what we do as a business and what we love about being located in Miami County, Ohio. It’s a great opportunity to share a little of our story and to read the stories of other businesses that are proud to call this area home!

A section of the original article begins below:

Cody Long and his father, Rod, started Tuscarora Wood MidWest in 2006 in Covington, Ohio. They salvage wood from old barns and other structures in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The wood is then milled and repurposed into unique, one-of-a-kind products. They work on local projects as well as supply wood for projects across the country. 

On living in Miami County:
I grew up here in Covington. My dad grew up near Columbus Grove and my mom is from here so they settled here. I live near Pleasant Hill now. I always thought I would stay in the area when I was growing up. My dad built houses for about 35 years in the Troy and Tipp City area. I worked for him when I was growing up. It’s always what I thought I would do.

On the community response to Tuscarora Wood MidWest:
The community response has been great. At first, a lot of people noticed the wood stacked outside but they didn’t know what we were doing. You can’t see inside the shop. … As we’ve been getting the word out to the community about what we do we’ve gotten busy. A worry of ours lately is that we’re marketing too much! We’re pretty busy with what we have already. We’ve hired more employees to keep up with the local demand. It’s been overwhelming, but also very good.

How Miami County is different from other places he has visited:
We are in the heart of barn territory right here in the Miami County. The greater Ohio area is the heart of old farmland from the early 1800s up through the early 1900s. Everything happened right here. In our industry, the best product and the best barns are coming out of this area. That carries over to the people that are here. There are a lot of people in Miami County and Ohio that know how to get things done with their hands. They’re good at hands-on work and know how to get things accomplished here in Southwest Ohio. I like that and respect that about this area.

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