Reclaimed Wood Provides a Unique Warmth in a Commercial Setting

Level MB is on the cutting-edge of modern architectural design and construction services. We were thrilled when they approached us with some ideas to incorporate reclaimed wood into their office space. By including reclaimed wood in a commercial setting it can add a unique warmth and personal feel that typical sterile office environments can’t achieve. Level MB uses this approach in many of their retail designs which has set them apart from other construction services.

Walking into the Level MB offices we’re greeted with a large reclaimed wood plank wall that has been lightly whitewashed. This provides the perfect backdrop for their custom metal logo signage.

Tuscarora also built several large, L-shaped reclaimed Maple desk stations, each mounted on black steel legs. These desktops are heavy! They’re not your average office furniture and are made to last for many, many years. We also provided this reclaimed Maple conference room tabletop which is mounted on custom black steel legs with the Level MB logo. The quality construction of this table will stand to represent Level MB’s commitment to quality as they meet with many more clients in the years to come.