Reclaimed Wood used to Create Modern Yet Rustic Design

This new home construction in Russia, Ohio showcases the most Tuscarora reclaimed wood product incorporated into a single home. The owners, Craig and Cameo, have put together a beautifully modern design with a flair of rustic materials. We worked closely with the home owners and the builder, Urb Drees Construction, to ensure that all the reclaimed wood material was a great fit for the design and the best quality for such a magnificent home.

Approaching the front of the house from the driveway you’ll see these well preserved, hand-hewn structural barn beams. Tuscarora provided these massive beems for both the front and rear porches.

Once inside the home you're greeted with a spacious great room that contains Tuscarora reclaimed wood from floor to ceiling. The floor is an Ash Hardwood Flooring finished with an extra gray WOCA oil. Tuscarora had the privilege to install and finish the hardwood flooring throughout the home moving from the great room to the dining room, kitchen and stairs. Looking up, the Maple Timber Ceiling Decking is finished with a reactive stain and box beams are added to complete the rustic flair. Reclaimed White Oak is used for the window, door and baseboard trim.

A popular trend in shelving today are these floating shelves. It creates an even more dynamic look when using a rustic reclaimed wood board and mounting it in this modern and clean fashion!

This home also included several custom Tuscarora reclaimed wood products, starting with the hand-hewn beam skins used on both the interior and exterior. These White Oak hand-hewn skins were used to create a rustic beam look from the interior of the gigantic picture window. The magnificent detail of these original hand-hewn beams dating back to the late 1800s can really be appreciated up close in this modern home setting.

The use of the hand-hewn beam skins on the exterior was a first for Tuscarora as they were used to create an authentic log cabin appeal. These skins, which were 2" thick, were attached to the exterior of the home and then chinked just like an original, completely hand-hewn beam log cabin would have been built, just without the massive weight and hassle of the entire beam. The look really is unique and quite convincing.

This home has so many unique and custom reclaimed wood elements it's difficult to show them all in one article. Please contact us if you have questions or would like more details about any of the products shown in this magnificently modern, yet rustic home.

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