We’re thrilled to share The Potting Shed as Tuscarora’s first Featured Project.

Tuscarora worked closely with Bill and his wife, the home owners, throughout the entire design process on this custom build project in Russia, Ohio. What started out as a small rustic potting shed turned into a spectacular display of reclaimed wood.

“Our home is somewhat rustic and we utilized hand-hewn beams and old barn siding in our décor when we originally built it 39 years ago – at a time when reclaimed wood was not as popular as it is now.  Being a local company and only a few minutes away, it was only natural that we work with Tuscarora on our new potting shed – which has morphed into a little more than a “potting shed”!”

Tuscarora supplied reclaimed wood for both the interior and exterior of The Potting Shed, including beams and a reclaimed wood worktable. The exterior siding is White Pine Barn Siding reclaimed from a single barn. This local barn was so well preserved that the exterior siding was an excellent fit for The Potting Shed.

“Tuscarora’s spirit of cooperation and expertise was very impressive and very much appreciated.”

Tuscarora utilized mixed Hardwood Brownboard for the interior wall cladding providing a unique pattern throughout the shed. The interior ceiling is Shiplap Elm with a Grey Stain. All the reclaimed wood products provided by Tuscarora were custom milled and pre-finished at our shop in Covington, Ohio.

An extra special touch of rustic reclaimed wood was added with Hand-Hewn Beams throughout the interior. A custom built metal worktable was finished off with a reclaimed White Oak Wood top and shelves.

“Tuscarora was able to suggest ideas for our potting shed and offer multiple options for us. We gave them an idea of what we wanted and they delivered in such a way that exceeded our expectations.”

To complete the exterior, the porch beams and railing were built with White Oak Rough Sawn Beams. Having the opportunity to work so closely with the home owners on the design of each custom reclaimed wood piece helped ensure a final product that meet their specific requests and expectations.

View a full gallery of The Potting Shed below!

The Potting Shed Gallery