Custom Shelving for a One-of-a-Kind Shop!

Tuscarora had the opportunity to install this custom shelving in Pachamama Market, a local shop in Troy, Ohio that offers fair trade products from around the world! We first installed a vertical box beam to edge the long plank shelving at one end. This plank shelving was massive! It took four of us just to maneuver and install each 15 ft. long plank. To install the shelving we used custom made metal brackets with metal rods that fit exactly into individually drilled holes. Once installed, the brackets are completely hidden and the shelves seem to float in space. The shorter, floating shelves on the orange wall have no visible brackets, only the beauty of the reclaimed wood can be seen.


The reclaimed wood used for this shelving is such a good fit for this particular store and the products they sell. Many of the people who produce these products are often overlooked due to poverty, culture or many other reasons, much the same way this reclaimed lumber has been overlooked and forgotten until it was reclaimed and given new purpose. With these fair trade products, Pachamama Market is working to alleviate global poverty and promote sustainability among these disadvantaged producers.