Counter Tops, Tables and More!

Besides Tuscarora’s custom work on reclaimed wood floors and beams, we’ve been busy producing a lot of custom products as well. Each of these products are created with the same dedication to craftsmanship as our large-scale flooring and beam projects. The sales countertop to the right was custom made for a local retail shop. The countertop is made out of 2″ thick, circle sawn maple hardwood with a partial live edge and finished with a wax to give the reclaimed wood a unique character all its own.

The two tables below are a great example of the variations of reclaimed wood and styles we incorporate into our custom products. To the left, we provided the customer the table base and legs for painting and assembly while we fabricated the wood table top. The table top is reclaimed white oak wood finished with a penetrating oil to create a beautifully elegant piece. To the right is a beast of a table! This table top is 3″ thick, circle sawn reclaimed elm wood with breadboards and partial live edge. The table top is mounted on 4″ barn perlins for legs and skirt and finished with a penetrating tung oil to give this table it’s one-of-a-kind, rustic character.