Hickory Hardwood Reclaimed from Local Barn


Taking Forgotten Wood and Making it Unforgettable This is the third, and final, installment in a series of features which follows reclaimed wood from the abandoned barn it came from, through our mill shop, to the finished product installed in this new home. The first feature showing the barn wood being reclaimed [...]

Hickory Hardwood Reclaimed from Local Barn2019-04-09T16:41:56-04:00

New Growth Yellow Pine Beamwork


Not our Typical Reclaimed Hardwood but Still just as Beautiful Nearly all the wood we process at our mill shop is reclaimed hardwood. Occasionally we have project requests to mill new growth or softwoods into beautiful finished products. Denlinger & Sons Builders partnered with us to produce these massive new growth Yellow [...]

New Growth Yellow Pine Beamwork2019-03-13T13:41:36-04:00

Hand Sculpting Beams


Taking a Hands-On Approach for the Perfect Finish We recently completed prepping a large White Oak beam package for shipment to California. In order to reveal the rich dark patina just below the surface of these White Oak barn beams, all the reclaimed material had to be grinded and sculpted by hand! [...]

Hand Sculpting Beams2019-02-22T10:24:25-05:00

Not Your Average “Beech” House


Relaxing in the Comfort of Awesome Reclaimed Beech Wood Most "beach" houses include easy access to white sandy beaches and an ocean front view. Our take on a "beech" house is a little different with solid White Oak beams and warm Beech flooring throughout. The exterior of the home includes these massive hand-hewn [...]

Not Your Average “Beech” House2018-10-17T11:13:07-04:00

Reclaimed Wood Applications


This Home Showcases a Variety of Tuscarora Reclaimed Wood Products Standing in the middle of this home you could experience a 360º view highlighting a few of Tuscarora's most popular custom products. The huge vaulted ceiling is covered with a White Oak ceiling decking. The reclaimed wood ceiling helps creates a warm, cozy [...]

Reclaimed Wood Applications2018-09-05T11:24:28-04:00

Wild West Decor at its Best


Tuscarora Reclaimed Wood is the Perfect Accent to this Troy, Ohio Storefront When Carolina Moon contacted us about wood flooring for their new Troy, Ohio storefront we knew our reclaimed wood would be the perfect accent to their unique home decor. Carolina Moon offers wild west themed furniture and decor featuring steer skins, [...]

Wild West Decor at its Best2018-08-21T15:58:26-04:00

Featured Project – A True Tuscarora Home


Showcasing a Variety of Tuscarora Reclaimed Wood Products from Our Home Being a millshop owner means our home can become a testing ground for the various type of custom reclaimed wood products we look to build. Our goal is to perfect these products here in our home so that you receive the highest [...]

Featured Project – A True Tuscarora Home2018-08-06T11:34:07-04:00

Timberline Magazine Feature


Tuscarora Wood Midwest, LLC Takes a Customized Approach to Wood Reclamation Tuscarora is featured this month in the special Lumber Drying issue of Timberline Magazine! Last year we shared news of our new kiln upgrade and the reasons kiln drying is an important part of the reclaimed lumber process (read the original post [...]

Timberline Magazine Feature2018-07-17T11:59:25-04:00

Tuscarora Adds a Personal Touch to this Office Space


Reclaimed Wood Provides a Unique Warmth in a Commercial Setting Level MB is on the cutting-edge of modern architectural design and construction services. We were thrilled when they approached us with some ideas to incorporate reclaimed wood into their office space. By including reclaimed wood in a commercial setting it can add a [...]

Tuscarora Adds a Personal Touch to this Office Space2018-07-10T10:13:40-04:00

A Thorn in Our Side – Literally


De-Nailing may be the Most Valuable Step in Processing Reclaimed Wood Every piece of reclaimed wood we receive at our mill shop goes through the de-nailing process. And, every employee working at Tuscarora has been through, and still works on, de-nailing. So, why would this process be a thorn in our side? It's [...]

A Thorn in Our Side – Literally2018-05-31T17:36:15-04:00
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