Salvaging Ash Trees to Make Beautiful Wood Products

The plentiful Ash trees in our home state of Ohio and surrounding states have been decimated by an exotic beetle called the Emerald Ash Borer. The adult beetle itself doesn’t cause much damage to the tree. But, it’s the larvae of the beetle that feeds on the inner bark which disrupts the flow of nutrients and ultimately kills the tree. We’ve had the opportunity to help turn this tragedy into a purposeful practice by harvesting these otherwise worthless, dead trees to produce sustainable and eco-friendly wood products. If we harvest these trees while standing the interior wood is strong and clean. All of our lumber (reclaimed or salvaged) is kiln dried for days at a high temperature to reduce the wood’s natural swelling and shrinking after install and guarantee there’s no remnant of any pesky critters.

Not our typical truckload of reclaimed rough-cut barn beams and floor joists. The salvaged ash trees come in as massive, bark covered timber that we custom mill into a variety of beautiful ash hardwood products.

The wood we salvage in the aftermath of this plague has become part of our Emerald Ash Collection. We recently travelled to Colorado with the opportunity to stop by and check out this new install of Emerald Ash hardwood flooring. This durable, light-blonde color wood is absolutely beautiful set against the steel and stone of this new home build. Add in the picturesque Rocky Mountain backdrop and this home turns into a cozy paradise.

Even though this isn’t reclaimed wood with inherited saw marks, we’re able to mill this salvaged wood in a way that produces an aged-sawn, old-world look and feel. Complete with a durable oil finish this flooring will last a lifetime. The juxtaposition of the massive wood stair treads and modern ironwork make this staircase a focal piece of the room. The backdrop of stone brings all the materials together as the perfect trio to compliment each other.

Tuscarora strives to offer the highest quality wood products for your home or business. We work hard to do so in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner, day-in and day-out. If you’d like more information about our eco-friendly Emerald Ash Collection, please contact us today!