A Brewery and Architectural Church Millwork

It’s not often that a church building and a brewery share the same space but this unique combination was brought to life in Troy, Ohio.

Moeller Brew Barn purchased and renovated this former church building to bring local craft beer to this quintessential Midwest community. Tuscarora was brought in to maximize the use of reclaimed wood in replicating or matching much of the original church millwork.

We supplied a reclaimed Antique Heart Pine Flooring to blend with the original church flooring. This same Antique Heart Pine was also used to create all the wall cladding and sliding barn door found in the basement of the church.

The bar tops are a reclaimed hardwood Maple that was fabricated and distressed in our mill shop. All the tables and benches are also our reclaimed hardwood finished with a durable epoxy to hold up to the daily use of customers.

The mix of reclaimed wood and metal materials along with the nostalgia of the original church millwork make this spot a great place to meet up with friends and enjoy some good food and beer.