Local Pride Drives the Culture at Table 33

We had an amazing opportunity to partner with a business in downtown Dayton that is part of the city’s ongoing revitalization. Table 33 is one of several businesses reclaiming an area that was worn down and neglected with the intent of creating something new – much like the reclaimed wood we process every day!

Table 33 is a full-service restaurant and coffee bar that prefers to locally-source their products. Not only do they locally source food, they also choose to partner with local businesses, like Tuscarora, in an effort to build a larger sense of community.

Tuscarora had the opportunity to source and mill all the reclaimed barn plank wall cladding on the walls and under the bar counter. This wall cladding is highlighted by an interior wall boasting a large 33. Tuscarora also custom milled various Oak countertops and bar tops throughout the restaurant. While sitting at a beautiful reclaimed Maple countertop you can enjoy a view of the kitchen framed by a large, aged sawn box beam above. The opportunity to install our reclaimed wood in a commercial retail setting allows so many more people to experience the quality and warmth of reclaimed wood. View more photos of this reclaimed wood set in Dayton’s urban setting below or visit Table 33 to experience this unique culture for yourself!